ISPRI (Istituto per gli Studi di Previsione e le Ricerche Internazionali - Institute of Forecasting Studies and International Research) is a non-profit group that was first instituted in 1983 and re-organized in 1992 in what is now its current structure.

ISPRI was conceived from the Centro Analisi Relazioni Internazionali (Centre for the Analysis of International Relations), a research centre that has been active since 1975 and in connection with the Faculty of Political Science, “Cesare Alfieri”, at Florence University.

Since 2001, ISPRI is affiliated with CSSI (Centro universitario di Studi Strategici e Internazionali - University Centre of Strategic and International Studies) of Florence University.

ISPRI currently works in the following sectors: information, political science formation and research, with particular attention to the methodological studies of forecasting and to questions regarding the international political, strategic and economic spheres.

The Institute applies the most advanced analytical techniques in making its forecasts and bases its work on the premise that valid forecasts are only obtainable when based on solid theories (explanations) that have been empirically tested.

The forecasting studies that have been thus far conducted have, in most cases (85% - 90% accuracy), been confirmed by the events subsequently verified.

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