ISPRI conducts forecasting research for administrations and businesses that have interests connected with political-economic situations and tendencies of an international nature. In addition, the Institute organizes highly specialized courses in collaboration with CSSI (University Centre of Strategic and International Studies). Both the research and course formation focus on: political risk analysis, forecasting analyses using methodologies and advanced heuristic models, analysis of the various forms of terrorism and counter-terrorism strategies, negotiation and conflict resolution techniques, analysis and methodologies of open source intelligence (OSINT).

The software package that ISPRI uses is able to evaluate alternatives and provide answers to diverse scenarios by using an hierarchical and interactive analytical procedure on the systemic factors that is capable of taking both quantitative data and qualitative judgements into account. This software does not substitute the decision-maker but rather maximizes their abilities, specific knowledge, experience and intuition and therefore, the operator acquires an essential competitive advantage.