Decision-Making Optimization

ISPRI has, for over 20 years now, used a revolutionary IT system to optimize complex decision-making. This system is the Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP), to which ANP (Analytic Network Process) has been recently added. This tool - developed by Professor Thomas L. Saaty of the University of Pittsburgh - is an analytic procedure that hierarchizes systemic factors that makes use of a software package that is capable of evaluating alternatives and produce answers to various scenarios (what-if modeling); whoever decides to use it gains an essential competitive edge. The software incorporates quantitative data and subjective judgements. It is not a substitute for the human element, the decision-makers, but rather enhances and maximizes their abilities, specific knowledge, experience and intuition. In other words, by creating a model of the problem it becomes possible to forecast the best solution and therefore the global feasibility (technical, economic, social, political) on the basis of objective limitations and cognitive criteria and of values specific to the decision-maker.