The statute of ISPRI indicates which activities the Institute may undertake as well as the relative ways in which it may carry out its work and who may participate.

Article 4, in particular, establishes as follows:
“The Association operates in the sectors of political information, education, and research, with particular focus on methodological and substantive forecasting studies and on political and international economic issues. The objective of the Association is to spread the knowledge that it is technically possible to scientifically study social interactions, the processes of decision-making and human behavior as well as their predictability in terms of probability.”

Article 4 states which are the fundamental programs of the Association:
“… - to use databases of events regarding both internal policy and foreign policy, for decision-making and scientific purposes alike;

1. organize conferences, debates and conventions, independently or in collaboration with public and private agencies on a variety of scientific topics, Italian and foreign;

2. through the use of advanced techniques, analyze and calculate the “political risk” of countries that are most exposed to structural and contingent uncertainties and ensure that these countries will be permanently monitored using political mapping methods and techniques from which the variations in relevant indicators emerge.”

Lastly, article 4 stipulates that:
“To these ends and in this context, the Association is to:

1. use the approaches and methods of the most accredited international political science, joining qualitative analysis with quantitative analysis;

2. maintain and develop forms of collaboration and contacts with universities and research centers in the world.”